• Flood, Temperature and Humidity sensor

Z-Wave 3 in 1 sensor

It is designed with three detection sensors:
  • 1. Water/ Flood
  • 2. Temperature
  • 3. Humidity

The detector can be used as a security device or home automation device.
When the detector is cooperated with security appliances, the detector is
acting as a security device by detecting flood, e.g. next to a leaking washing
machine. Additionally high temperature and humidity detection can be
defined as trigger for alarm signals.


Size:85x27x25 mm
Battery life:up to 7 years
Battery type:CR123A Lithium (included)
Cable length:approx 1,5m
Z-Wave plus:Ja
Typ av sensorer:Vatten
Typ av sensorer:Luftfuktighet
Typ av sensorer:Temperatur
Typ Fil information
PAT02_Manual.pdf.pdf 282.6KB

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Flood, Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Tillverkare: Philio Tech
  • Modellkod: PAT02-1A
  • Lagerstatus: I lager
  • 593 kr

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