• AZDEN Field Mixer FMX-42

Portabel Mixer för fältbruk 4 ingångar

Having 4 balanced XLR line/mic inputs with individual level and pan controls the FMX42 provides switchable per channel 48V phantom power and limiting professional quality VU meters for accurate level setting master level control 1 k tone generator 2 balanced XLR outputs (line/mic switchable) stereo minijack output for DV cameras and a headphone monitor with level control.

The FMX42 can be powered by either 6 internal "AA" batteries or a 12V external supply optional. A ballistic nylon carrying case is included.

Teknisk data:

Frequency Response Balanced and Unbalanced Output:20 Hz 30 kHz (±1.5 dB)
Monitor Out:30 Hz 30 kHz (±2 dB)
SignalToNoise Balanced Output:120 dBu (A weighted Input Equivalent Level)
T.H.D. Balanced Output:<0.005% @ 1 kHz (@ LINE position +19 dBu output)
Phantom Power Voltage:48V (±4V)
Power Battery Requirement:6 Alkaline (AA)
Battery Runtime:Approx. 10 hours (Meter Illum. & Phantom Power OFF)
External Power:12VDC @ 200 mA
Current Drain:155 mA (Meter Illum. & Phantom Power OFF @ 9V)
195 mA (Meter Illum. OFF/Phantom Power ON w/2SGM1000 @ 9V)
Dimensions:56H x 220W x 150.5D mm (without protrusions)
1.968H x 8.6614W x 5.9055D inches (without protrusions)
Weight:1400 g (w/o batteries) 49.3835 oz (w/o batteries)
INPUT Balanced Input:XLR 3pin x 4 (CH1 2 3 and 4)
Level Line Input:Standard +4 dBu (electronically balanced) - Maximum > +26 dBu
Mic (@ -30) Standard -30 dBu (electronically balanced) - Maximum +4 dBu
Mic (@ -50) Standard -50 dBu (electronically balanced) - Maximum -11 dBu
Impedance Line:20 k ohm
Mic:2 k ohm
High Pass Filter (HPF):100 Hz ? 6 dB/oct
Balanced Output:XLR 3pin x 2 (Output L and R)
Unbalanced Output:3.5 mm (1/8") Stereo minijack
Monitor Output:6.5 mm (1/4") Stereo jack
Balanced Output:Standard +4 dBu (> 10 k ohm load) 2 dBu (600 ohm) load - Maximum +20 dBu (>10 k ohm load) +13 dBu (600 ohm) load
Unbalanced Output:Standard 36 dBu (> 10 k ohm load) - Maximum 20 dBu (> 10 k ohm load)
Tone Generator:1 kHz @ +4 dBu
Monitor Out Max.:+1 dBu -32 ohm load (16-100 ohm load recommended)
Output Imped. Balanced:600 ohm - Unbalanced 120 ohm
Meters Standard Level:0 VU (+4 dBu)
Typ Fil information
FMX-42 manual.pdf 3.8MB

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AZDEN Field Mixer FMX-42

  • Tillverkare: Azden
  • Modellkod: FMX-42
  • Lagerstatus: I lager
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